IDP production factory

Our production factory is based in S.Secondo Parmense (Parma, Italy), a rich and flourishing territory where ancient traditions and technological innovation have found their perfect location in a high quality production context. The company combines a tradition of tasty and wholesome products with pioneering technological production standards. Thanks to continuous investments in the pursuit of quality, IDP can now boast a fleet of extremely innovative machinery that is functional to the requirements of a modern food processing company.

IDP srl: quality without compromises!

Our history

The company Industria Dolciaria Pattini (IDP srl) was established at the beginning of the '80s from the company "Pattini snc" that had been on the local market ever since the end of World War II. The decades-long experience in the production of Plumké (small sponge cakes) based on a traditional British recipe contributed to the creation of the modern shortcrust pastry line. The use of high quality jams, butter and cocoa creams in combination with state-of-the-art technology produces high qualitative standards. Following the company's philosophy, increasingly thorough controls have been added throughout the production process with a view to achieving and maintaining constant product quality levels. Experimentation is still carried out on all the products in our range to minimise the use of additives such as emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids) or preservatives.

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Quality without compromises!

To keep up with our philosophy, products are subjected to a special treatment before the baking phase. The company Pattini is always at work to offer you the tastiest snacks to please your palate.